Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 11 - a bit whiny today

I am feeling a bit whiny today because, you know what?  Writing daily is HARD!  There is a post I’ve been trying and trying to write.  I can’t find the words to connect the theological things I am pondering with the real-life examples I have in my head.  I have pages and pages of words written that just feel like they are going around and around the mulberry bush without ever finding just the right place to stop.

When I only write when I feel like it, writing seems easy.  I sit down when I’m inspired, the words flow, and I think, there!  That was great! Fun!  I can do this!

The lesson I am learning with this 31 Day undertaking is this: writing every day is hard, very hard.  I see it a bit like the weights I’ve been lifting lately.  It is a bit scary every time I walk into the weight room.  It is full of bulky men lifting large amounts of iron and to be honest, I feel intimidated, like I just want to turn around and head back into the safety of my yoga class or hop on the tried and trusty treadmill. 

Instead of turning around, I punch up the volume on my i-pod a bit louder (listening to Paul Simon, Gungor and U2…strange?!), grab my girlie-sized weights, find a place in front of the mirror, and lift.   I focus on what I am doing, the way it feels to be getting stronger, to feel my heart pumping, and I realize that, as scary as it is to walk into that room, lifting weights is something that I really enjoy doing and is so good for me.

Here on Day 11, I still can’t get that one post written that I want to, but it is good to write this, to affirm that sitting down every day to write may be hard, and at times, even scary, but I’ll keep sitting down at this computer, tapping out these words, searching my heart and mind for the lessons and hopes and loves and sorrows because I have found that writing is something that I really enjoy doing and is so good for me.


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  1. i could never do the weights when i went to the gym, i admire your commitment and courage! praying those words you need to get out will flow!