Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 28: gift after gift

Counting gifts from His hand on this Sunday evening…

: spending the weekend with my kids and the friends they have known since they were babies
: gifted movie tickets to take this gaggle of kids on an outing
: cool fall evenings, even if the days are summer-hot
: introducing Emma to Anne of Green Gables, one of my favorite movies of all time
: whipping up a batch of Toll House cookies with three sweet girls
: eating those delicious cookies!
: praying for the men of our church, including my husband, on a retreat this weekend
: looking forward to worship, and the Harvest Festival, and being with my community of faith
: good conversations with folks at the festival, especially those I don’t talk to frequently
: resources to fill my cupboards and fridge, full to bursting

I have enjoyed ending/beginning my weeks this way, pausing to think on the days that have passed, noticing the tender, generous acts of God in and around me.

May this be a week full of noticing, friends, the many gifts He generously gives.

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