Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day 9: strung pearls

Today after dinner, after your long day at school and the playdate with the friend from camp, after your story about the basketball game at PE and listening to your Dad’s explanation of your math homework, you came to me, as I was stacking dishes to take to the sink, already thinking about which Tupperware to use for which leftovers.   I felt you step close and put your arms around me.   I fussed at you about greasy hands and would you please wash with soap and warm water, and you just kept smiling and you said, “Thanks for cleaning up, Mom.  I think I take advantage of how much you do around here, cooking and cleaning up all the time.  I just wanted to say thanks.” 

I held you close for a moment, then you were off and I turned back to my task, clearing the table from our family meal.  As I worked, I carefully gathered up those words, like pearls strung on the ordinariness of this day, those beautiful words that came unbidden, out of your boy-turning man heart.

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  1. Ahhh just makes your heart smile :)

  2. tears. love that boy.
    have i ever told you about the convo i witnessed one night at lego league between he and BM? that one made me step into the pantry so they wouldn't see my tears.
    precious moments that do illuminate the ordinary, routine days. and a thoughtful young man being raised by intentional parents. bless you!