Friday, November 9, 2012

Five Minute Fridays: quiet

Playing along with Five Minute Fridays at Lisa-Jo's today.  Here are my five minutes on quiet:

It is early morning quiet here, with one noise maker off at school and the other two still cocooned in their bed.  I can hear the promise of the day to come, small comforting noises of coffee brewing, keyboard tapping, pages turning, dishwasher swishing.

There is another kind of quiet, the kind where your kids are playing elsewhere in the house and you are suddenly aware that it is too quiet, how long since you heard the happy noise of kids at play?  I remember hearing that particular kind of quiet once, and then my daughters came downstairs looking unfamiliar, with hair that had been “barbered” by their friends. 

The quiet of this moment may hold surprises, my day may come downstairs looking much different than I originally intended.  

That's OK.

I will rest in the still quiet of now, and leave those possible noisy surprises to God...


  1. Oh yes - the two different quiets of having children. Isn't it funny how the same word has such vastly different meanings. Thank you for the thought to leave the noisy surprises to God, I'm not very good at that.

  2. no pictures of hair cut play dates?