Tuesday, January 15, 2013

{Day 4} ~ "The Do What You Can Plan"

Today is Day 4 of my series on Holley Gerth's new ebook:

Would you like to join me on this journey?  Click on the graphic above to download your own copy. 

On a recent morning, as we were doing the delicate dance around one another which is the two of us trying to get ready in our tiny bathroom simultaneously, my husband startled me by saying, “What if you publish your book before me?”

Some background for you, my husband is an academic, a professor.  He has written and published so many things I’ve long lost count, and he is, in fact, currently working on completing the manuscript for his first book. 

My first reaction was, “Don’t DO that!”  Because even though HE is not afraid to speak my dreams aloud,  I don’t tend to go around just SAYING things like that.  Out loud.  About my dreams. 

After my initial flare of emotion, I simmered down and was able to hear the cheerleader coming through in his words.  “I believe in you, Amy,” his words said.  “I am taking your dream seriously.”  And oh, that felt really, really good.

In Day 4 of the “Do What You Can Plan” by Holley Gerth, she encourages us to share our goal with someone today.  My husband immediately came to my mind.  He is, as I’ve said, my greatest cheerleader.  He’s also my best friend, closest confidante, and a darn good editor (SO helpful to have an English professor as a spouse!).

He is the one I first opened my heart to about this dream.

He is the one who sat down with me to talk about blog titles.

He is supports me taking the time to write instead of doing some other domestic chores.  Thankfully, he is not fussy about the house being perfect, although dinner on the table is much appreciated! 

The encouragement from Holley to share our goals with others comes on a perfect day for me, actually, because I am meeting with a friend and fellow writer tonight for coffee.  I am eagerly looking forward to hearing about her current projects and goals, and to sharing my mustard seed goal with her as well.

As Holley says, “If you let others into your journey and cheer them on as well, you’ll not only go further but find much more joy all along the way.”

This journey so far has been exhilarating and scary and fun, and if it can be joyful too?  Well, that’s all the better!

I’d love to hear who your cheerleaders are, and whom you are cheering on as well!       

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