Friday, February 1, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Afraid

Linking up this morning with the fabulous Lisa-Jo.  The topic this week was timely for me...

This afternoon I will load my van with suitcases, sleeping bags, and too much candy, and I will drop my two oldest children off for a weekend of church winter camp.  They are going up into the mountains for two days and two nights of eating well, not sleeping well, and having all manner of camp adventures.

I attended a similar camp when I was their age.  I remember the thrill of being away from home, spending whole days with good friends and the giddy fun of camp life. 

But this Mama is also afraid to put them on that bus and to let them go.

It takes tremendous trust to send our precious ones out into the world to have their own adventures. 

This weekend I will spend my time loving on their little sister who is too young to join them at camp, and letting trust drive out my fear.

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