Friday, February 8, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Bare

Remembering a sacred time in my walk with Jesus this morning, writing on the prompt Lisa-Jo chose for our five minute free-write today - Bare.
The room was wood-paneled, cozy, with a wood stove in the corner.  Faded plaid couches made an L shape in another corner, and on one of these I sat, elbows on knees, head in hands listening as she bathed me in Truth.

Her signature phrase, “Bring it into the light,” rang in my ears, echoing into my heart chamber, finding every dark corner inside.

Lifting my head up slowly, looking into her steady, wise eyes, I began to bring things hidden up and into His glorious light.

Inside that tiny room, sitting beside my best friend’s mama, I learned the power of laying it all bare, of speaking it out, what you are hiding deep down inside.

I learned to believe in the presence of Jesus there with me, in my deepest, darkest, most secret inside places. 

If He is there, then He knows, I am already laid bare.  There is such grace in this knowing, such grace.

As His healing light fell on the things I brought forth, it was as those first rays of Spring sunshine falling on my bare face after a long winter, healing, reviving, life-giving.

I remember these moments so long ago now, when I am tempted to hide my fears and shame for my sin deep in the dark.  I remember that healing light, the warmth and the grace, and I lay it all bare before Him again.
As I wrote these words this morning, I felt they were both a reminder to me of His healing work in my life, and an encouragement to keep writing, bringing hidden things into His glorious light.


  1. Really nice warm post Amy- I could feel myself inside the room right alongside you and your friend's mother. You have a lovely writerly gift! Thank you for your kind words on my post as well. xoxo

  2. Beautiful writing. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Wonderful imagery to remind us that we already bare beyond the Lord whether we acknowledge it or not.