Thursday, March 21, 2013

a review and {a giveaway} first!!

I admit it, I’m a piler.  You don’t know what that means?  Neither does my computer apparently, since it has put a red squiggly line under it.  Well, being a piler means that throughout my house, on the kitchen island, on top of my computer printer, inside of and on top of my kitchen hutch, I make piles of papers.  I try and contain them, organize them, make decisions about them. But inevitably there is something that I need to keep handy, so into a pile it goes.

My friend and fellow God-sized dreamer, Kayse Pratt, just might have the cure for this habit of mine.  As a busy working Mom with an equally busy toddler to keep up with, she is familiar with the daily grind blessing of homemaking.  She has written an ebook called, Getting It Together, which is equal parts practical genius and simple loveliness, filled to the brim with excellent tips and tools for homemaking organization.

Getting it Together is a step-by-step guide to making a useful and lovely Home Management Notebook.  Kayse begins by giving five reasons why we need one.  This sentence leapt off the page at me from reason #5:

“You’ll have access to all the important information in one easy peasy location.  Your home is run by YOU, rather than you being run by the demands of your home.”

Ahhh, that sounds lovely!  No piles shouting out my glaring lack of organization for all to see.  No rifling through several piles to find that one, usually tiny, desperately needed piece of paper.  Just grab the binder, turn to the right tab, and there it is, right where it should be.

Getting it Together comes with over 30 printables that can be used to create your very own Home Management Notebook.  Kayse has thought of everything from organizing the take-out numbers you use most to a pretty cleaning schedule to help keep us on track.

I have started my journey toward eliminating my piles by laminating five of the thirty printables included in my copy of Getting it Together

Here are my first five laminated worksheets...on my way to being organized!!
My husband and I have plans to talk over the family budget soon, so the Family Budget and Financial Goals worksheets will be extremely helpful.  As a new blogger, I seriously need to get organized!  The Blogging Calendar that Kayse provided looks like the perfect tool to get me on track.  I already make a weekly menu for our family, and now it can look pretty with the This Week on Our Table worksheet!  The last worksheet I laminated is called Emergency Information.  I plan to fill this out and place it in a central location in my home.

Maybe you are glancing around your own kitchen like I am, lamenting your piles and wishing for a pretty and organized Home Management Notebook of your very own.  

On Monday March 24th, I will be giving away a free copy of Getting it Together by Kayse Pratt!

Here are ways you can enter the giveaway: leave a comment on this post, share with your social media friends on Facebook and Twitter by clicking on the button below and using the buttons at the bottom of the page, like Kayse on Facebook here or follow her on Twitter here.

You can also purchase Getting it Together as a pdf for just $3.99 here or formatted for kindle on Amazon here.


  1. I hear you! Usually I'm a piler, but lately even my piles have gotten out of control! : )

    What a time saver this will be when you get it completed...awesome idea! Looking forward to reading more...

    1. Good morning, Christine!! Maybe you will win the giveaway, and we can both be working on our piles :). Bless you today, friend!!

  2. This would be incredibly helpful!

  3. I love that you laminated them! Also, is it bad to admit I'm a piler too? ;)

  4. Man, I am SUCH a piler! And so is my husband, this we have created an 11 year old piler as well. Now, which pile is my new binder in? lol =)

  5. Oh, Amy, I was so relieved when I read your post, and found out that I am not alone...maybe, we could start a Piler's Anonymous?