Friday, March 29, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Broken

It's Good Friday, and I'm joining in with Lisa-Jo for my favorite weekly writing exercise:

Today we are writing for five minutes on: Broken...


It is Good Friday and I can’t stop thinking about how in our home, if something is broken the cry rises, “Daddy can fix it!”  Even when things look impossibly broken to me, they merely pose an interesting problem to my husband, who understands deeply how things work and has the patient spirit and gentle hands needed to put broken things to rights.

There at the cross of Jesus, all seemed impossibly broken to those gathered at the cross.  I have been there in my life, the place where I felt all was lost, that everything was so broken and smashed up there was no way through to healing and wholeness.

But friends, there is Easter.  It is coming. The heavy stone will be rolled away and Jesus full of life, the risen Lord, will come out and He will say Mary’s name and she will know Him.

Let us broken ones know Him, today, in the darkness of Good Friday, and wait to see Him, beautiful, in the light of Sunday morning.


  1. Hi Amy,

    your home sounds like ours...we do the same when "X" is broken...So thankful that the darkness of Friday is not the end of the story...Sunday is coming...wishing you and yours a blessed Easter :)

  2. I just visited your blog and loved the words, "all seemed impossibly broken to those gathered at the cross". But the joy of resurrection to restore our brokenness is here indeed! Enjoyed reading your words. Happy Easter!

  3. i just love how kids have such confidence in their daddies! and even if they can't make it work, somehow it is still better knowing they tried.

    Jesus doesn't only just try, does He?

    beautiful reflection on this Easter weekend.


  4. I love your words. And thinking of your children's faith in their dad, is how we should have faith, the faith of a child, towards our Daddy in heaven. He can fix anything. We just have to acknowledge that and bring it to Him.
    Have a wonderful weekend with your family!


  5. Beautiful...I love this and the sweet reminder that Christ redeems even the most broken. Thank you for this today...have a blessed Easter, friend! :)

  6. When all was impossibly broken and smashed, He made a way, and I'm giving thanks with you that He did. Have a wonderful Easter!

  7. I love this and I loved Barefoot Mel's ( that we are "anything but broken". That is only because of Jesus.
    Happy Easter!