Friday, March 1, 2013

You're Made for a God-Sized Dream

Is there something stirring in your heart, a dream seed planted by God that is waiting for the light and warmth it needs to begin to grow, to push to the surface and find the light of day?  

My friend Holley Gerth has written a book that releases today which will meet you right there in that place of waiting dreams and give you the tools and truth you need to help them begin to grow and flourish. 

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Throughout the pages of this book, Holley writes about how we can know that we have a God-sized dream, she sheds light on the lies we tell ourselves, and obstacles we might face, and she gives practical tips and tools along the way.  She also consistently reminds us that our dreams are not ultimately about us, but about our relationship with God and about His glory and His work in the world.

“Every dream or desire you have that comes from God is an invitation for more intimacy with him.” –Holley Gerth, You’re Made for a God-Sized Dream

As I read these words, with my own seedling dream in my heart, I felt a joy and freedom spring up inside.  Intimacy with God is a deep, bedrock desire of my life.  So if pursuing the dreams He has given me will ultimately lead to more intimacy with Him, definitely count me in!

This book is inspiring and wonderfully practical with journal prompts and tools to help us really dig in to who God has made us and what He is doing in our lives.  But for me, the real beauty of the book is this focus from which the author never wavers:

“Why are God-sized dreams so compelling?  Because we powerfully experience God’s presence in our lives through them.  It’s not about the destination.  It’s not what we will get if we complete the dream.  It’s about a relationship.” –Holley Gerth, You’re Made for a God-Sized Dream

In addition to all this goodness, Holley is also seriously funny! She can paint a word picture that will stick right with you.  I will never think of my fears in quite the same way, thanks to her! 

You’re Made for a God-Sized Dream is a book that, along with time in God’s Word and in prayer, can help you see those dreams of yours grow and flourish.
The post on Holley's blog today tells a bit about where the idea for this book came from.  It made me should read it!


  1. Love it, Amy! You pulled great quotes. It's such a blessings just to read the book, and to be dreaming all together is a dream come true in itself.

  2. I believe God is calling me to be closer to Him right now (but I think I was hearing wrong for a little bit...ah, the story of my life! Ha!), so I'm loving that quote! Great review! : )

  3. This is exactly the message God is blaring to me right now. I just came from a women's fellowship group and we were thinking about Jesus at Gethsemane. He said "Wait with me." And the disciples fell asleep. He is calling us to wake up to the dream He has for us and it begins by waiting with Him, seeking Him, drawing closer to Him. What an amazing God who wants such intimacy with us. Great review!

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