Friday, September 28, 2012

Five Minute Fridays: Grasp


A child, toddling along by its mother, reaches a chubby hand skyward to grasp the strong, firm one that is there, offering stability, safety, comfort.

My children are all well past the toddler years now, so holding hands with them is no longer an issue of keeping them from harm’s way.  Now as we walk side-by-side their shoulders brush mine, their pace matches my own and when they slip their ever-growing hands into mine, it is a gift, an intimate connection, a steadying of the heart.
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  1. This was very simply and beautifully written. Like!

  2. two weekends ago C and B went on a cub scout camp out. i got to hang out a lot with mr. T. my heart just swooned. i often find myself tearing up because they aren't teeny tiny anymore. i was so thankful for the quiet moments with my lovely young man to get to hear him talk about where he is going, his dreams and goals.

    how about looking eye to eye (or almost) ... i'm not ready ... he hee!