Saturday, September 29, 2012

weekends are for counting gift after gift

::giggling girls getting their ears pierced together
::knowing my son and husband are off having tons of Boy Scout fun this weekend, i.e. camping, zip-lining, rock wall climbing, water sliding.
::a friend who hear the emotions behind the words, who asks the questions and does really want to hear the answers
::the privilege of saying I love you to some friends this with a hot, cheesy casserole, cold, sweet watermelon and chocolaty brownies, delivered with a hug and smile!
::my home, with it’s dust and clutter and piles of dirty laundry, for it’s sturdy walls and snug windows and safe doors, a place to live life with my little family.
::a healthy body, a clear mind, a soft heart
::kids who can turn a hot and musty garage into a house for hours of imaginary play

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  1. i saw a video of that trip, oh HOW MUCH FUN i'm sure they had!