Friday, September 21, 2012

Five Minute Fridays: Wide

I pulled the white board easel closer to the table.

“Here, “ I said, “Let me show you.”

On the board I wrote a division problem, quickly calculating the answer in my head to make sure there were no remainders.

We walked though long division, step by step.  She held the sheet I laminated for her because some multiplication facts just aren’t sticking. 

“Then I multiply, Mama?” she asks, eyes glued to the white board, her body tense with concentration, gripping the dry erase marker hard.

“That’s right, Clare.  Exactly right.”

She multiplies, subtracts, brings down, repeats the steps.

“Let’s check your answer, OK?” I say, knowing she got it right, wanting a concrete way to show her success.

Carefully, she copies down the multiplication problem to check her answer. 

“You did it, Clare!  Great job!”

Her eyes move from the white board to look directly into mine.  They are the shining eyes of a child who understands, who has learned something new and is alight with knowledge.  Her mouth, furrowed a moment ago into a concentrating grimace, grins wide.

“I like long division, Mama!”

“Me too, Clare, me too.”

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  1. Cute! You sound like a very good mommy. Keep up the teaching and loving!

  2. wow...applause for both of you. I homeschool all 7 and you did an amazing thing. you should celebrate. You are what you celebrate...and you are an amazing learning duo!

  3. Great job, Clare & Mommy! You obviously have a great gift for teaching.

  4. Oh, I have such a hard time with helping my kids with math... and it was just addition/subtraction! Hurray for success! :)

  5. Thanks for your kind comments, ladies! The Five Minute Fridays is such a great thing to get me writing. Happy to be part of this community with you!

  6. eek! long division is sooooo hard to teach. i know that feeling though. watching the light bulb go off. so satisfying, isn't it?

    and those eyes of that sweet girl are one of my favorite things :)