Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ten Minute Tuesdays

These post prompts are so helpful to us newbie bloggers!  Thanks, Rachel, for setting this up!  Here goes...

I am writing this at the end of a LONG Tuesday, so I am coming a bit late to the game.  But I absolutely love the idea of writing for a set amount of time.  It takes me back to my English major writing courses where I learned about free-writing and how very free it can feel to just let the words flow from our brain out the tips of your tapping fingers and onto the page.

When I was in college I typed, not on a computer, but on a word processor.  What was that, you ask?  It was a machine that you typed into.  The machine saved the words and then SLOWLY and PAINFULLY typed them onto paper which you fed into it.  Needless to say, I turned in many papers late!!  Not because I…it was because of my slow word processor!

Today was the first Tuesday of this school year that followed the schedule I will have for the rest of the year.  I went to my Bible Study Fellowship group for the first time today.  We are studying Genesis.  My leader is an engaging woman who, with a couple of thoughtful actions helped our group to feel cohesive.  I feel hopeful, not only about the study in Genesis, but also about the possibility of being in an encouraging and challenging group.

I start my Tuesdays these days with an intense spin class at the gym.  This is part of my get in good shape for 40 regimen that I am putting myself on these days.  I am doing weight lifting and running on Mondays, spinning on Tuesdays, weight lifting and running on Wednesdays, abs and spin on Thursdays and weight lifting and running on Fridays.  Saturdays our Family Chore Day gives me lots of exercise, and my husband and I run Sunday mornings before church.  It feels good to be getting stronger, to have no aching joints, and for my clothes to fit a bit better.  Scale is still higher than I would like, but as I tell myself often, I have birthed four babies and things shift and change a bit…right?

After dinner tonight we had one of those evenings where everyone settles in to do their own things: my husband was editing his poetry, I was editing a letter for the elders at my church, the girls were playing and my son was doing homework and researching legos on the computer.  I enjoy times like this where we are all close by one another, we can hear and see one another, but we are focused on our own activity. 

Times up!  

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  1. i love that too, when we're all reading, or ... more commonly ... the boys are playing mine craft together and i'm reading some gene stratton porter loveliness!