Sunday, September 16, 2012

Focus: Five Minute Friday (three days late!)


A lens comes to mind.

I am not much of a photographer, but I enjoy the IDEA of the way that photography helps you to focus on seeing differently.

My mind is a place that could do with some focus!  One of the things I struggle with in maintaining my blog is that I read many other blogs, love their entries and the way their view the world, and then when I sit down to write my own entry, to share my own heart and mind, my words seem in adequate as I compare them to the others I have read.

I need to help my mind focus as I come to my computer.  Perhaps that means I write first then read.  Or I only write at a separate time than the time when I read, so there is a clear delineation between my words and the words of others.

As a homeschooling teacher, I have been using shorter lesson times for my kids and it really helps them focus!  For example, instead of trying to get through the bulk of an Apologia lesson in one sitting, I am taking small chunks instead.  The girls are able to really focus during our learning time, and their recall is exponentially better because I am not cramming their heads with too many facts at once.

Sometimes what I need to focus on is the quiet, or the beautiful face in front of my who needs my attention, or a task in the kitchen and NOT trying to do three things at once, but really being in the moment as I cook or clean or engage with a loved one. 
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