Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Day 16: dance party!

After the dinner dishes were cleared and I served up ice cream for the kids we congregated at the table to play Zooreka, a game by the makers of Cranium where the players try to be the first one to build a zoo.

At some point in the game, I got up and put on “You Can Call Me Al’ by Paul Simon.  His greatest hits album has been one of my favorites lately, accompanying during dinner preparation and as my soundtrack at the gym. 

The kids love the music, and soon we had “Dance Party Zooreka” going, as we all sang, played air-instruments belly laughed and danced around.

Afterwards I thought about how uninhibited I feel around my kids, to sing, dance and be silly.  I would not be able to do those things around just anyone, but I love the fact that the kids know the goofy side of me, that they hear my voice singing loud and clear, imperfect as it is, and that they show me by example how to let go and be myself.


  1. he hee ... not in public though, right? i get "in trouble" now. i guess dancing and singing at target is no longer socially acceptable!

  2. i love that you can dance in public, Lisa...don't stop! Even if you are embarrassing your kiddos :). I think being able to let go like that is a gift. It is definitely something that doesn't come easily to me!

  3. Amy, your voice is NOT imperfect! It's lovely! :)