Monday, October 22, 2012

Day 22: the dragon and the lion

As I go about my days there is a steady beat of the Hound of Heaven pounding at my heels, relentlessly pursuing, pressing into the tender places in my soul.   Pregnancy and babies, pound, pound, gospel and truth, pound, pound, adoption and sacrifice and love, pound, pound, these are the topics that pound, pound, as I read and pray, study, write, talk, reach out, they weave their melodies and harmonies in my mind and heart and when I listen close, I hear that Hound whispering, “Keep looking; keep trusting; keep walking in the Light.”

When the One you love comes to you like the Lion came to Eustace the dragon (The Dawn Treader, C. S. Lewis) and He keeps digging deeper, deeper, to really get down to the bare places, so that the pure waters of healing can wash there, there is no protecting yourself from Him.  And really, I don’t want to protect myself from Him.

I feel the strange, sweet release that comes from letting Him have His way.  Yes, there was healing to a point, like a scab, but there is a still deeper place to get to where the skin underneath is pink and new and where, when His light shines there and the waters of His mercy wash there, the beauty of a new creature shines underneath.

Thanking God for his relentless, healing mercy…


  1. one of my top 3 fave scenes from the series. my fave is when digory and polly stumble through the door leading to creation. but i know that's not your point here ... i feel like i've been loosing layers of skin lately too! and it's good, it's wearing away all the layers of sin and control i've covered myself with ...

  2. I love that scene, too. I think because Eustace tries and tries to do it himself, and it is only when he relents and lets Aslan do it that he really escapes. how often do we try to do it (fixing, hoping, controlling) ourselves and not leave it to God to do it, even when it hurts.

  3. Those whom He loves He disciplines. I think those efforts of God hounding at us are all around all the time, and when we submit it's sometimes shocking at how deep and then deep again that God wants to go. Great post.