Sunday, October 21, 2012

Day 21: gift after gift

Counting more gifts from His hand...

: tender conversations with my love
: more goodness from Galatians at church and small group today
: studying Scripture with folks who love Jesus, such a joy!!
: a note slipped into my hand at church, full of the kindness encouragement
: cool air flowing into our home…yay for cooler temperatures!
: a full fridge of leftovers after a week of cooking
: spontaneous “clean out the fridge” dinner with friends from our small group; you know they are good friends when you can feed them your leftovers!
: playing hot potato with a giggling group of kids
: dropping a ball, over and over again, just to hear that baby giggle over and over again
: how writing helps me learn and see and know things in a different, deeper way
: praying for friends doing life-changing things like flying on a plane to Russia for an adoption, and having a baby (two different friends)!

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