Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day 24: little philosopher

Last Thursday after we dropped her older sister off at our charter school learning center for two afternoon classes, there was still thirty minutes until her older brother needed to be picked up from school.   Just enough time to run home and eat some lunch.  

Over hummus and crackers we talked about our current audio book.  We were listening to Super Fudge by Judy Blume.  In the book, Mrs. Hatcher has a baby and Fudge and Peter have to adjust to having another sibling.   During the first months of the baby’s life, Fudge spends a lot of time trying to sell her or give her away.   He has a hard time adjusting to the loss of his status as baby of the family. 

Listening to the book in the car, I have wondered about how our youngest will adjust when we adopt a baby.  She is seven years old right now, in March she will be eight. 

“Well Mom, you know, Fudge is still maturing from being a baby, so it is really hard for him to have another baby come along.  I am already seven, and so I know that it is a good thing to adopt a baby and I will be fine.  I am actually excited to be older than someone!  And to teach them things and help take care of them.  It will be fun!”

Oh my sweet little philosopher!  She will be an excellent big sister, with her strong natural gift of teaching and the way little kids enjoy being with her.  She is so much like her Aunt, my husband’s sister, who is one of those people that just “get” kids and is able to connect with them easily.  It truly is a gift.

Adjusting to a new baby will be an intense experience for all of us, I know, but our “baby” seems ready for the challenge. 
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