Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day 25: glow of accomplishment

It is 10:13 p.m. and I am just sitting down to Day 25.  It’s been one of those days, full of driving children to school and back, teaching math, supervising piano practice, making a quick trip to Costco, and finishing the afternoon with dinner preparation and house tidying. 

Repeatedly over the past couple of days, my youngest daughter has asked me to get the fleece cut and ready to make a tie blanket to contribute to a Christmas blanket drive at church.  I taught her to make the blankets last week and she absolutely LOVES doing it.  Once the strips are cut up the side, she ROCKS tying them.  Her knots are neat and firm, and she goes slow and keeps everything straight. 

She finds me in the kitchen, her big blue eyes earnest in her sweetly freckled face. “Can we get the blanket ready today, Mama?”   

I must have planned to cut the fleece at least ten different times over the last two days.  It kept not happening. 

Today when I came home from one of my errands, I saw she had set everything up for me.  The fleece was laid out neatly, and all I had to do was start cutting. 

Her initiative moved me.  After the chili was bubbling and the cornbread was baked, I plowed through the necessary preparations to make the blanket.

After dinner, she got down to the business of tying the strips all along the sides of the blanket and before dessert was served, she had the project finished. 

The glow of accomplishment and pride on her seven year old face was so worth the time I took out of my crazy afternoon to help her. 


  1. Love this! What a blessing Dorothy is! Especially those blue eyes and sweet smile--I agree. :)


  2. she was so eager to serve, which just warms my heart! keep up the great work momma! and did that quilt (the super secret one) ever get finished last year? i'd love to see it!