Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Day 31: candy, costumes, carving pumpkins

31 Days!  Woo hoo!  I feel the need to celebrate…hmmm, maybe something with candy, costumes, carving pumpkins?  **smile**

This evening we will gather at a friends’ house for dinner and neighborhood trick or treating.  The kids will be dressing up as a Turkish princess, a Medieval princess, and Frodo the Hobbit.

We carved our pumpkins last night using a method that was new to us.  I printed out templates online, which we taped to the pumpkins. The the kids used push pins to poke tiny holes all along the lines of their template.  When we took the paper off, there was a perfect outline of their picture!  Brilliant!

Making a pumpkin into a cat

Carefully working on his howling wolf

Showing off her handiwork

Here are our finished products!  Aren't they spooky??

 ***I want to take this time say a heartfelt thank you to you for reading here this month, for your encouragement, both in the comments and in real life, and for helping me take this step out into a dream I have had for a long, long time. 

I am going to continue writing here.  This month, I have found creative joy in crafting words and trying to put the everyday grace I experience into word pictures that hopefully, prayerfully bring glory to the One who gives me that grace. 
I also want to thank Nester for hosting all of us 31 Dayers!  What a journey this month has been...

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