Saturday, October 6, 2012

Day 6: gift after gift

counting gift after gift from His hand yesterday, an ordinary day lived under the extraordinary grace of God…

: hot coffee made by my loving husband splashed liberally with half and half
: hearing my son and my husband laugh together, truly enjoying themselves
: learning about whales with my girls, all of us truly in awe at these creatures God made
: a working oven!  Ours had been on the fritz for months, sometimes working right, sometimes not.
: three yummy pizzas dinner last night: cheese, pepperoni, and my personal favorite, pesto
: family movie night
: cooler temperatures!  108 in October is just painful…
:  my loving Mama, who shares our home, and who will also watch our kids today as we head to an adoption training
: a playdate for my girls which was a gift for me because I so enjoy talking with the Mama of their friends
: re-reading Pride and Prejudice and loving Elizabeth Bennett more than ever...Darcy too!

What gifts have you unwrapped from His hand today?  I am grateful to Ann for teaching me how to notice His gifts in my everyday.

Have you found some great series from the other 31 Dayers?  Let me know!  I am enjoying reading over other, and would love to hear your what you've found.  I particularly enjoy Elizabeth Foss, who I read daily everyday, but her focus on the Mission of Motherhood is excellent.

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