Sunday, November 4, 2012

gift after gift

Our daughters have been sharing the bottom twin bed of a set of bunk beds for about 9 months.  They started sharing when we had the bunk beds separated into two twin beds.  Every night, we would tuck them into their separate beds, and every morning I would find them snuggled up together in one twin bed.  In order to give their growing bodies a bit more room, we made the switch from bunk beds to a full-sized bed, which we had in storage.

This was a huge project because their room is 10’ x 10’ and the bigger bed takes up serious floor space.   We had to go through everything making decisions about what to keep and what to give away.  At one point I asked my 9 -year old daughter, in reference to a pile of things on the floor, “Which of these things do you need?”

She looked at me, a bit overwhelmed because I had asked her that question one too many times, “Mom, I don’t NEED any of this to survive!  But I LIKE all of it and want to keep it!”

...more of His generous bounty...

:: food for the body (soup, bread, popcorn) AND food for the soul (studying 1 Samuel) at our college    Bible study
:: my girls now sleeping on a bed that both my Mom and I slept on as girls
:: vinyl wall clings for turning the girls' room from lady bugs to a horse theme, lickety-split!
:: tidy house after an afternoon of cleaning
:: successful Boy Scout fundraiser this afternoon
:: freshly washed cars
:: finding book treasures at a yard sale down the street
:: family time with Skipbo, Apples to Apples and an hour of reading aloud
:: three sleepy kids wrapped in blankets listening to Daddy reading
:: all A’s on his first report card after his transition from homeschooling to public school
:: his courage to audition for Advanced Band...and he made it!
:: having our small group here for dinner, with the adults out numbered and all of us happily close in our little house
:: an extra hour of quiet here this morning

Making this gift list a part of my Sunday morning routine, looking back to the week just past, and forward to the week coming, inspired by Ann and her One Thousand Gifts...


  1. "I will worship toward Your holy temple,
    And praise Your name
    For Your lovingkindness and Your truth;
    For You have magnified Your word above all Your name."
    one of my faves, Ps 138:2

  2. um. that comment was supposed to go on the roots post. my bad. wouldn't be "lisa" without blunders like this!