Saturday, November 24, 2012

now I'm ready...

 Driving up highway on our way to the high desert on Tuesday, I couldn’t believe that we were actually coming to celebrate Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving?  Already?  I didn’t feel ready to make the turkey and all that jazz.  My heart had not kept up with the calendar this year.

We did make turkey, a bit, beautiful 23 pounder.  And stuffing and mashed potatoes and the family blue cheese green bean recipe and my special cranberry sauce. Somehow between that long drive up the 395 and this morning, where I sit in my jammies in the morning-still house, my perspective has changed.   Coming away from the to-do list at home helped.  Cooking (and eating!) the traditional Thanksgiving dishes helped.  Being with family definitely helped.

I am ready to drive home and spend an evening with my side of the family.  Ready to trim the tree, hang the lights and pull out my large stash of Christmas socks.  Ready to turn our new family pictures into rockin’ Christmas cards.  And really, really ready to find time each day to still ourselves, light a candle, and remember Who we are celebrating. 

My heart is overflowing with thankfulness for my hard-working, loving and generous in-laws who spoiled us, sent my husband and I out on a fancy date one night, played games with the kids, treated all us girls to pedicures and helped each one of us to relax in this set-aside time.  I think we are all a bit more prepared for this season that is upon us.

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