Monday, December 3, 2012

gift after gift

It was a bit of a flurry this morning as we woke up late and had twenty minutes to get our son up, dressed, fed and to band practice at 7am.  With teamwork, I managed to drop him off at 7:01 with lunch packed, bagel eaten on the way, and a smile on his face.

Now I am back home, trying to slip back into the slow, sipping hot coffee and counting His gifts on this gray, rainy Monday morning…    

:: gathering with folks from church to help an elderly couple take their Christmas decorations out of their shed and into their living room, awaiting grandchildren to come and decorate their tree
::  soup simmering on the stove
::  the Professor home after his weekend of Navy service
::  the table set for nine, good friends coming to share the bounty
::  Dennis’s chocolate chip cookies straight from the oven
::  a long heart-to-heart with my almost-twelve year old
::  new mercies every morning
::  the Sunday household chores of taking out the trashes and putting the cans out by the curb…signal that a new week is coming
::  giving Jesus gifts for His birthday
::  a pile of towels, freshly washed and folded
::  special seasonal opportunities to serve
::  singing along with our guests as the kids played their Christmas piano songs
::  the comfort of Christmas lights shining through the blinds at day’s end
::  the first candle of Advent, the candle of  Hope

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