Monday, December 31, 2012

Resolutions in 2013? How about some real solutions?

Happy New Year!

Guess how I celebrated the end of 2012?  Helping my 6th grader complete his science fair project board!  Not glamorous or exciting, but it earned me a hug and a “Thanks for helping me with my project, Mom” at the end of the evening, which was very sweet.

With kids tucked in and the clock ticking toward midnight, my thoughts are finally turning toward the New Year: 2013.  I can hardly believe another year has come and gone.  For me, this past year was one of those where the thing I really wanted to happen didn’t, but lots of great things DID happen, and I am grateful.

The change of calendar year causes me to ponder changes I want to see in my life and goals I want to accomplish.  To be honest, I have some big goals for 2013.  It is easy to become overwhelmed and feel like giving up before I even start. 

I do know a bit about accomplishing goals.  In 2001, I ran the LA Marathon.  It was a huge achievement, one I am very proud of.  I definitely didn’t do it alone.  My friend Bonnie drove to my home three days a week in the morning dark to run the miles needed to be ready for the big race.  As we ran, we helped each other in so many ways.  We told each other stories, which helped take our minds off the pain we were feeling.  We made up silly songs to chant as we ran up the hills and, most importantly, we were faithful to be there week in and week out, mile after mile.

Running with Bonnie helped me reach my goal.  Having a friend, a coach, or a mentor come alongside us as we work toward our goals can be invaluable.  But we don’t always have a Bonnie nearby, someone who understands what we are doing and is willing to support us along the way.

Do you have a goal you want to accomplish in 2013?  Has there been a dream planted in your heart, and are you wondering how it will come to fruition?  Do you wish you had someone to come alongside you as you step into this New Year?  

Holley Gerth is a writer who has a true gift of encouragement and mentorship.  She has written an ebook called “The Do What You Can Plan: 21 Days to Making AnyArea of Your Life Better”.  It is a valuable tool for helping us meet our goals for 2013.  In her words: “Instead of resolutions, it’s time for real solutions.”  The book is both practical and dreamy.  She straddles beautifully the two sides of the goal coin: how will we practically achieve the goal; and what dreams in our heart are fueling the need to accomplish the goal? 

It is a book full of grace, realism, inspiration, and hope.  She also addresses bad days, the nay saying voices in our heads, and other pitfalls we may encounter along the way. 

You can read an excerpt from the book at Holley’s blog.  Or follow this link to download your copy now.

I read through "The Do What You Can Plan" once already, and I am looking forward to returning from my trip to Boston (leaving on the 2nd...yay!) and digging in to the book in depth.  I will be writing down my thoughts here during the 21 days.  Will you join me?