Friday, January 4, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Opportunity

Yay!  Five Minute Friday is back.  I have missed this writing prompt exercise, missed gathering with this flash mob of writers in all its glory.  So grateful to Lisa-Jo for hosting all this goodness!

So here goes my first Five-Minute Friday of 2013:


Today I took the opportunity to show my 12-year old son, Stephen, one of my favorite places on earth: the Public Garden in Boston.  We are here accompanying my husband on a business trip.  After an enjoyable afternoon at Harvard, we took the subway (known here as the “T”) to Park Station and emerged onto the cold, bustling sidewalk. 

Having been here twice before, I knew to head through the Commons to get to the Public Garden.  We walked by the Frog Pond and watched the ice skaters.  Then we continued along the path to Charles St., crossed over, and there we were: Boston Public Garden.

Memorial Day weekend in May of 2007 I came to Boston for the first time with my husband on a similar business trip.  On that trip, I fell in love with the middle-of-the- city beauty of the Public Garden, and I spent as much time there as I could, eating lunch on a bench in the shade, reading a book or journaling. 

The Garden in winter is so different, but I loved it all the same, the way I could see the bones of the trees, the grass covered in its blanket of white.  Following the paths, my cheeks stinging with the cold, my boy bundled up and walking beside me, I experienced true joy.


  1. True joy is one of the most amazing gifts we get from our Heavenly Father.
    Thank you for sharing the beautiful description. I have never been to Boston, but, IF I ever do, I hope to visit the garden in the middle.

  2. Thanks for visiting, Jessica! May this new year prove to be a joyful one for you and your family!