Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My God-Sized Dream...

As a science experiment, my kids and I put seeds and damp paper towels in baggies.  One baggie went in the refrigerator, one we taped on a sunny window, and one we placed in our dark hall closet.  Studying Botany, we learned that within each tiny seed is the food that seed will need to begin to grow.  Yet, I was still surprised when we pulled the baggie out of the hall closet to find a little plant growing, though it had been hidden away in the darkness.

For so many of us, our dreams lie like that seed, in the darkness, quietly growing, fed on our hopes and prayers and wishes, but perhaps this is the year they need to come out into the light?

I remember the day I first gave voice to my God-Sized Dream, when I put into words the seed of desire planted in my heart. 

“I feel like God has given me a story to tell,” I told my husband.  It was New Year’s Eve, 2006 and there we sat in our jammies at 9pm.  I was hugely pregnant with our fourth child, the due date just one week away.   We talked about the New Year approaching, the new life inside on its way, and new desires growing in me to share the with others the lessons I had learned about faith through the journey I had been on with God.  I was hearing that still, small whisper saying, “This is something I have for you, pay attention.”

As I have written, the days and months ahead turned out nothing like I was expecting.  And while the past six years have afforded me a number of opportunities to share my story, I know there is more.

The little seed in my heart that has been flourishing in the dark these past six years, my God-Sized Dream, is to write.  To write about His work in my life, and of His all-sufficient, good, good grace.  To chronicle the journey of faith He has led me on, the lessons I have learned and am learning day by day knowing there are others who may benefit from hearing.  Beginning this blog has been a first step, but I have a specific dream to submit my writing to (in)courage or another Christian website (I need to do some more research...suggestions gladly welcomed!).


Tomorrow I am starting a series following Holley Gerth’s “Do What You Can Plan: 21 Days toMaking Any Area of Your Life Better.”  I’m journaling my way through the ebook here on my blog, using the next 21 days to take steps toward my God-Sized Dreamwon’t you join me?  

Meet me here for the next 21 days and let’s encourage one another to bring these dream-seeds of ours out into the Light…


  1. amy how exciting. praying for you as you persue this God sized dream.. way to go!

  2. Cheering for you, Amy! Go girl, go!

    And oh yes ~ do submit your words somewhere...(in)courage or elsewhere. Women would be so blessed by your words.

    God bless and keep you, Amy. You are a treasure.

  3. Dream-seeds... how I love it! Please message me on FB and we can talk more about guest posts, if you'd like. I just launched my blog in October and starting trying for guest posts in Nov., and I've been pleasantly surprised at the process. I've had three guest posts accepted already and another is in the works. I would guess there are yet more places I could submit, but time is a constraint. I would be happy to chat with you about the ins and outs, from a newbie's perspective!

  4. Submit!!! Just do it! That voice will rise up and say all kinds of nonsense, but do it. Please. We'll be behind you all the way...but even better than that, God will go before AND behind you!! : ) He will pave the way...

  5. So excited about your dream!! As we dream together, may we encourage each other.

  6. Amy, can't wait to see where this God-sized dream takes you! So blessed to be on this journey with you :)

  7. i remember that project! he hee ... i LOVED botany so much, last year in my Bible Study group i was always talking about creation and God, and how consistent He is! how spiritual truths, like growing in darkness are so profound!
    do you know there in an (in)courage meet up in tustin/irvine soon? check sarah markley's blog ...