Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Here we go! Intro and Day 1 of 21

This is the first post in a 21-Day long series on Holley Gerth's new ebook:

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Can you hear it deep inside, quiet, humming, true? It is the “yes” Holley talks about:  “No matter what you’ve already tried or been through, there’s a “yes” still being spoken somewhere deep inside you”.  Do you believe this?  The truth is, days can slip by busy and full without my ever stopping to listen to that deep, inward, “yes” from God.

For these next 21 days, I am committing to listen hard to that “yes”, and to respond.

Yesterday I wrote about my God-Sized Dream, which is to write, to share my story, to give God the glory for what He has done in my life.  The question is, how do I get from hearing that “yes” and voicing my dream to doing anything about it? 

Day 1 contained something so startling; I had to read it twice.  Start small, it said.  But wait, I thought, aren’t these God-Sized Dreams we are talking about here?  Aren’t those, by definition, BIG?  Shouldn’t we shoot for the moon and have the most grandiose dream imaginable?

This definition from Holley’s blog helped: 

God-sized Dream = A desire in your heart for more of what God has for you.

We don’t need another grand plan to set us up for a grand failure.  We need encouragement to take small steps toward the dream we are cherishing.  As Holley says, “God can handle the big. When you start out, it’s okay for your part to simply be the small.”

So today I am focusing on one small goal, my mustard seed goal: WRITE EVERY DAY.

There are so many reasons for me not to write.  I find it strange to put “time to write” on my to-do list next to cleaning, cooking and caring for my family (I mean, it doesn’t even start with a “c”! J ).  I wonder, where should writing fall in my priorities?  Saying “yes” to the dream God has placed inside me means believing that writing DOES have a place on my daily list, strange as it may feel at first. 

Holley reminds us that research says it takes 21 days to form a habit.  Writing is a habit I want to form.  I know some days it will be 15 minutes in the car on the back of a napkin while I am waiting for kids to finish one thing or another, and on other days it will luxurious hours spent tapping away in a coffee shop or at my kitchen table.

Take some time today to listen, to hear the “yes” deep inside of you, and to answer it with your mustard seed of faith.  Remember, our faith may be small, but He is the author of our God-Sized dreams…and He can bring them to fruition, one small step at a time.

If you need some encouragement as you ponder your dreams, visit Holley's blog to read her post for today.  There is a prayer there that was just what I needed to pray this morning! 


  1. I enjoyed reading your entry, Amy! Funny, I have also just committed to writing everyday (started yesterday) and making time for my dream of finishing a first draft of my novel (editing and submitting, that's next, but one stage at a time!). Looking forward to hearing/reading how this is going for you!

  2. I too found it strange to schedule a time to write, but over the summer i did a writing course that Jeff Goins offered and one of the things he said was to write, everyday. Schedule it, make time for it, even if its just 5 minutes. That helped me tremendously and its a habit i still do.

  3. Developing the habit of writing is an excellent idea, Amy! Even just 5 minutes a day will make a difference. I look forward to seeing where the practice will take you!