Wednesday, January 9, 2013

{Day 2} ~ "The Do What You Can Plan"

Here's the second post in a 21-Day long series on Holley Gerth's new ebook:

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“Putting words to the desires of your heart is a uniquely human capability that’s more powerful than we often realize.”

This sentence leapt off the page at me as I read Day 2 of Holley Gerth's “Do What You Can Plan”.  I admit, it is hard for me to articulate my dreams, to say them out loud where others can hear.  Honestly, until I filled out the form to apply for the God-Sized Dream Team, I had not even said the words aloud: I want to write a book.  And I am not even sure I want to write a “hold-in-your-hand” book, but I do know I definitely want to write down my cohesive story with the goal of bringing glory to the One who is writing it. 

“But it turns out that goals can be helpful tools along the way and can actually serve as reminders of the bigger missions God has called us to pursue in life.”

I usually think of goals in my life as a finish line to cross or as something I must accomplish at all costs.  Instead, Holley encourages us to see our goals as a reminder of what God has called us to pursue. She says, “Goals aren’t just about a destination. Instead they are more about focus.”

This is such a game-changer for me!  Setting goals has been scary for me because to do so carried the weight of crossing that finish line.  Often when I have looked at the distance between where I stood and the goal I have set, I have simply given up because the distance was too great.

Holley’s encouragement to see my goals as a focus, to let them set my direction is something that resonates with the way life really seems to work.  So often I set out going one way and then life twists and turns and I find myself doing something that has nothing to do with the goal we set out to achieve. 

It is truly a light bulb moment for me to realize that I am not a loser or failure or slacker if my path has shifted along the way and my goals have changed. 

I am going to repeat that to myself many, many times. 

So, my mustard seed goal is to make space in my life for writing every day.  To help me know if I have completed this goal, I am going to keep a log to see if I really do get writing in every day for the next 21 days. 

I truly find this invigorating, to respond to that yes deep inside…Yes!


  1. That's my goal too for this 21 days. Regularly writing is the biggest hurdle for most writers I think. It's so easy to push it aside for things that seem more urgent but aren't nearly as important. I mean, really, would you rather have a clean toilet or a book? :)

    1. Thanks for this, Bronte! I love that last sentence :). I am encouraged that you are seeking to make daily writing a habit too.

  2. wahoo.. way to go! dreaming with you!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Jenn! Amazing how encouraging this gathering as a community of dreamers has been, isn't it?