Saturday, January 12, 2013

Five Minute Fridays: Dive

Yesterday supposed to be Day 3 of the “Do What You Can Plan”, and instead I spent the day in bed after coming down with the stomach flu Thursday night.  My husband, son and I just returned from Boston on Sunday where the mayor had declared a health emergency because of the terrible flu sweeping their city. Apparently we brought home more than just books and t-shirits as souvenirs! 

I will pick up with Day 3 on Monday.  This morning, sitting in my sunny living room on my bright red couch before my kids stir on this Saturday morning, I am linking up a day late with Lisa-Jo for the writing “shot-in-the-arm” that is Five-Minute Fridays:

The prompt this week is: DIVE

I walk to the edge of the diving board, adjust my bathing suit, swim cap, goggles.  One foot goes to the edge, toes gripping the side of the board. The other foot anchors me, my leg bent and ready to spring.  My arms reach forward, hands gripping the edge of the diving board.  My body feels strong, taut, pulled up into this moment and ready to jump forward into a perfect arc.  My mind is clear and focused on the task before me.

I am waiting to dive; the crack of the gun will come any minute now and the moment will be here…

But it doesn’t come.  At least, it hasn’t yet.

This is what the waiting time for our adoption feels like to me.  Our family is ready.  My husband and I have prepared our minds and hearts.  Our children are ready to welcome a new sibling.  In my mind, from my perspective, we stand at the edge of the board, ready to dive right in. 

I know that He holds the starting gun, and will sound it when it is time.

Then, we will dive.


  1. Nicely written -- I like the transition from swimming a race to running to race toward adoption.

  2. Hi Amy
    After reading a few posts on FMF, I am convinced that the whole world are in the grip of the flu. I live in South Africa and the flu bug is having a ball of a time in my house! Hope things go well with the adoption!
    Hugs XX