Wednesday, January 16, 2013

{Day 5} ~ "The Do What You Can Plan"

Today is Day 5 of my series on Holley Gerth's new ebook:

Would you like to join me on this journey?  Click on the graphic above to download your own copy. 

My standard excuses for not starting something sound something like this: What if I really get into a good groove with writing, and then the adoption goes through?  Well then, maybe I shouldn’t write; Or what if my husband’s schedule changes and I can no longer get to the gym five days a week?  Well then, maybe I shouldn’t even start.  Or, or, or…the excuses rain on and on.

In Day 5, Holley shares an epiphany moment to help us combat this thought process “…I resolved in that moment to begin making small changes now rather than waiting for the perfect time later. Guess what? The perfect time doesn’t exist. There will always be a complication, a crisis, or what looks like a legitimate reason to wait.”

Along with Holley, I resolve to believe in the small steps, in the minutes set aside, in the few stitches stitched, the couple of sentences written.  A bucket is filled one drop at a time, a book is written one word at a time, and any time we are doing what we are supposed to do, what gives us life, what we are called to do, then it is a good thing…even if it is only a few minutes a day!

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