Wednesday, January 16, 2013

{Day 6} ~ "The Do What You Can Plan"

Today is Day 6 of my series on Holley Gerth's new ebook:

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“Pushing past discomfort and fear will be one of the most important things you do on this journey. Look at both of them as resistance that will make you stronger.”

I am familiar with resistance and not just because I am a parent (all toddlers and teenagers must choose resistance as their word for the year). I use resistance to my advantage regularly at the gym.  I know that when I create more resistance for myself during exercise, I will eventually find a new baseline, a new normal.

After reading Day 6, I wondered if Holley had been secretly hanging out in my head today listening to my thoughts full fears and doubts and lethargy.  Today I battled my fear of being in this community of women with their gifts and abilities and accomplishments; my fear of articulating my dream to others because for so long it has stayed in the hidden dark of my own heart; my fear that if I start to write wholeheartedly, I will find out I don’t really have a story at all.

At this point in the journey, writing everyday and believing in God's call and the story He gave me still feel more like a Herculean physical feat than something that is normal for me.

But here I am, and these 21 days of following "The Do What You Can Plan" are part of continuing to confront and push past the fear.  To do some writing that is not just for myself, but is something I can send out with the hopes and desire that it will a blessing and a conduit to give glory to God.

“Think of fear as a hill that you have to go up and over. You have what it takes to do so, or God would not have brought you on this journey. Rather than turning around and coasting back to comfort, lean in and push hard.”

I remember a song my marathon-training partner and I used to sing as we ran up a hill, “The hill is my friend, it makes my legs STRONG, it makes my tummy FLAT, IT MAKES ME LOOK GOOD!!” 

We chanted like drill sergeants, flinging the words out before us loud and clear.  They pulled us up the hill with their bravado and strength.

The day is coming to a close, and I am taking Holley’s advice from Day 6 and celebrating (chocolate!) because the challenges I faced today mean “that you’re working toward real change in your life and making progress that you may not even see now but will bring you big benefits later. Make fear work for you.”

Tomorrow is a new day.  And a new opportunity to conquer the hill of fear.


How are you dealing with fear and resistance as you pursue your goals and dreams?  How do you celebrate your little victories along the way?  


  1. Whooo-hoo! Here's to going up and over that fear! : ) Love your go girl!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Christine!! So good to be in this encouraging community...