Friday, March 8, 2013

Five Minute Fridays: Home

Joining in this morning with Lisa-Jo, and a whole big bunch of other writers, for Five Minute Fridays.

Every Friday I think, "The prompt for today is my favorite."  And then the next week I find myself thinking the same thing.

But I really do think this one might be my favorite...Home.

No matter where our travels take us, to Boston or the grandparents’ house, on a camping trip in the mountains or a week’s vacation at the beach, our family loves coming home.

Once the tires of our minivan come to a stop we all pile out, everyone heading off in their own direction, happy to be in an utterly familiar place, where everywhere we look, we see a reflection of us, what we value and prioritize as a family.

The kids always go see the dogs first. 

My husband goes through the mail, checks the computer, makes sure all is right with those areas of our life.

And I will often take a minute before unpacking and just walk from room to room.  We try and leave the house tidied when we are gone for a few days, so before the chaos of unpacking begins, I let my eyes and heart reorient themselves to our own space, filled with family pictures, a pile of memories and the deep peace of hearts turned toward one another in love.

I may be munching on a cookie as I go through the rooms since my Mom lives here with us and she will often welcome us in sweet ways, with a note on the white board or fresh baked cookies on a plate…she’s awesome like that!

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  1. Visiting from FMF. I liked this one, too!

  2. Hi Amy, love your post. Family - Familiar - Reflection - Value - all encompassing.

  3. I so identify with that need to arrive slowly and reorient after being away...even more if cookies are involved! Thanks for sharing with FMF.

  4. your kids sound like our girl: focusing on the dog first but you have more than one lovely of your mom to welcome you home with cookies...thanks for the peek into your home, Amy :) lovely :)

  5. I think this prompt is my favorite, too...or at least one of them. ;) I loved reading this...thank you! (And how cool that your mom has cookies waiting for you! I think all of your readers are a little jealous right now...) Have a great weekend!