Wednesday, May 29, 2013

God-sized Dreams: what I have learned, and an update

The first post I wrote as part of the God-sized dream team was on November 14th, 2012.  I had no clear vision back then of what being on the team would be like or how it would affect my life.  I did know from reading Holley’s blog that I appreciated her perspective, and that something in the description of what the team would be had called to me and drawn me out of my shell where I found the courage to push send on my application.

Simply being chosen was awesome, and if things had stopped there, I would have been pleased.  Being chosen gave me a boost of confidence and renewed hope for what God could do through me.  And yet, there was more.

Here are just three of the many things I have learned over the past six months:

Facebook can be a force for community and encouragement and friendship!  I am eager to meet these dream-sisters in real life at Allume because of the connection we have formed in our group.

Generosity is contagious.  This team was formed with the larger goal of helping Holley promote her new book, which was officially released in March.  To reach that goal, Holley gave us words of encouragement, the weekly  writing prompts for our Tuesday link-ups, advance copies of her ebook and book, and a kind of arms-wide-open, “let me gather you up into this good thing God is doing” mentality that rubbed off on our group in big ways.  With Holley’s leadership our group became a safe place for us, a place where generosity flourished.  Within our group there have been guest post opportunities, giveaways, prayers requested and prayed, and a general spirit of lifting one another up as we all pursue the dreams God has put in our hearts.  This team has been a place of generous love and encouragement, a place characterized by the Spirit of Christ.

Words are powerful.  I read blogs regularly because I love stories and people and glimpses into lives often so different from my own.  The God-sized dream team has reminded me of the value of encouraging words.  When I know that Mel or Kayse or Elizabeth has visited my site and left their sweet fragrance behind in their words of encouragement, it is like a friend stopping by my house for a bit, coming in, accepting my offer of something homemade, and sitting down for a quick chat.  We may not be face to face, but threads of friendship and community ARE being woven together comment by comment, encouraging word by encouraging word.  I have loved this part of our group.


Way back in November, I wrote this: I have a specific dream to submit my writing to (in)courage or another Christian website (I need to do some more research...suggestions gladly welcomed!).

I am happy to say that I have done this very thing!  And this is true: without this team, I cannot imagine that I would have drummed up the confidence in myself to submit my writing to another venue.  But not only have I submitted to (in)courage, I have also guest posted (thank you,Laurie!), signed up to go to a blogging conference (Allume!  Woohoo!), and gained enough clarity and vision for my writing that I can talk about it with others who don't automatically “get it” like my dream-team sisters do.

To Holley and all my dream-team sisters, thank you!!  Though things may “officially” be wrapping up, I look forward to remaining connected and encouraging one another in the pursuit of our God-sized dreams.



  1. Amy, I am so very happy to read this! What a wonderful experience for you - and one you can enjoy no matter where you are living! Your writing is a gift I enjoy - thank you for sharing yourself through your words!

    - Carole

  2. That's what I love about Holley, too: "a kind of arms-wide-open, “let me gather you up into this good thing God is doing” mentality." And how beautiful to read what this time has meant to you. So many good gifts!!

    1. Laurie, as with so many things, I hadn't fully realized the accumulation of gifts from this team til I sat down and looked back over the past six months. I feel so grateful...

  3. So awesome - can't wait to meet in person and celebrate all these successes together at Allume! You are beautiful and it has been a blessing to know you because of this group! :)

  4. I am blessed by you, your words and your heart. And I can't wait to meet you at Allume! Thank you for being part of this dreaming journey...the last six months have truly been a gift, and I'm so thankful we could chase our dreams together! Many blessings! :)

    1. Can October come soon enough? I think not! Can't wait to meet you too!!