Friday, June 21, 2013

Five Minute Fridays: Rhythm

Grateful this morning for time to sit and write, and for the opportunity to link up with Lisa-Jo and the rockin' community of writers that gather at her place every Friday.  The rules are simple: write for 5 minutes flat - no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking; link back here and invite others to join in; and then absolutely, no ifs ands or buts about it, you need to visit the person who linked up before you and encourage them in their comments. 

So here we go, five minutes on the prompt Rhythm:

My life’s music sounds discordant these days, like two different songs being played at the same time.  I hear the familiar musical melody of family life in summer, the hours and days tapping out the steady notes of swimming and BBQ’s, croquet after dinner in the evening light, later bedtimes for everyone.  As I dance to the familiar summer-days music, I am also hearing and responding to a completely different sound, the throbbing bass line of anxiety made up of all the unknowns about our up-coming cross country move.  The deep, driving notes pound relentlessly, the thrumming push of urgent tasks, endless phone calls, decisions to be made, closets to be cleaned out, and over all the constant wail of not knowing.

Daily the discord builds, the longing for the blessed relief when the chords of unknowing will resolve, finally, into knowing.

I am waiting, dancing through these days, keeping my eyes on the One conducting this orchestra, the Maestro whose original music is playing, who knows where all these crazy notes lead.


  1. Amy, this posting is beautiful! I am your neighbor from FMF.

    The words you used vividly illustrate the happiness along with the unknown. I wish you well in your move and pray that it will go well and have little stress for you!

    You are right that our ultimate conductor is in charge. God Bless. Patti

  2. Hi Amy! I'm coming to you from FMF.

    Oh, I am so sorry about your unknowns in moving. It is a lot of work. I had a week filled with pulling feelings too, and it's no fun. You think your peace is gone, but really, I found out it's just shifting. When I make peace with it, then it's ok again.

    I'll pray for your shift to that rhythm to peace.

    Peace in Christ,

  3. Love your post - beautiful words and imagery.
    And wow - I cannot image moving across the country - saying a prayer for you and your family - may you be surprised by joy around every bend in the road. May He be your everything and your constant through all the changes.
    Love & hugs.

  4. Amy, your word-art of the dissonance you feel is poignant. Actually, you got a lot of head nods here from me in Kentucky in the library. Yes and yes. May the dissonance blend into consonance soon and may your feet find the rhythm of courage and gentleness as you venture out. Bless you. Stopping by from FMF.

  5. Stopping by to say hello from Lisa-Jo's. You've captured the struggle between needing to keep a driving rhythm so that the melody has a foundation - but sometimes it is just so hard isn't it to find the peace when the bass is booming. Praying for you as you prepare for this next step.

  6. Isn't it so comforting to know that HE KNOWS what will come of the crazy notes? Thinking of you, friend...prayers for you during this time of unknown and transition. He's got it! Blessings!

  7. I appreciate your picture of two melodies playing simultaneously. Beautiful and relatable.
    Maybe we can find a way to make these songs harmonize not compete...
    and if you figure it out, let me know! :)

  8. Such beautiful, poetic, vivid, what a great description of this "in-between place" you're living in for now. And beautiful comments and encouragement from other gracious hearts.

    Love it, like always, Amy. :)